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Kumkum Wallpapers is a beautiful world of traditional and modern Indian art, started in 2005 with a   team of dedicated and professional artisans whose ancestors mastered the techniques of Tanjore Paintings with each of them is 15- 30 years experienced in this field. It is formed with a vision to foster global recognition for tanjore paintings, showcasing the cultural heritage. By presenting India’s spirituality and religious culture in the form of Indian art craft, the kumkum wallpapers supports its painting artists and artisans in their economic and social well-being.

Tanjore paintings are ancient, peculiar and rich in color with compact composition, originated right back during the Maratha period in the 16th century in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu in South India. These paintings are widely been used in southern Tamil Nadu from past two centuries. These paintings are attractive and adorable due to usage of precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold. The rich vibrant colors and fine artistic work adds on to the beauty. A typical Tanjore painting consist of a deity, with a well round body and almond shaped eyes which makes it incredibly beautiful. The faces in these paintings are generally large and the faces are round and divine. The paintings are completely gorgeous and delightful to watch after its final finishing which uses 22 carat gold foil and semi – precious stones.

Kumkum Wallpapers crafts the following variety of paintings –

  • Traditional Tanjore paintings –

In early age, these tanjore paintings showcased the pictures of Indian God and Goddess, who are worshipped by Hindus all around the world. But as time passed, they started crafting Lord Jesus also. These painting are evergreen even today and are very appreciated for its elegance and beauty.

  • Antique finishing Tanjore paintings –

The Antique finishing tanjore painting is skilled using high quality materials and precious stone. Due to the extra finishing required, they use 18 carat gold for the making of these paintings. They also use a wooden frame and glass to add on the stunning appearance of the art.

  • Ravi Varma’s painting in Tanjore fashion –

Ravi Varma is one of the famous ancient painters, who is known for his incredible art in the painting. Each painting had its own imagination, beauty, expression and feeling into it. All his painting are now replicated in tanjore fashion by Kumkum Wallpapers keeping all the minuscule and important curves and colors in mind.

  • Customized paintings

Kumkum Wallpapers also craft the painting based on their customers demand. Hence, these tanjore painting can be customized as client’s required with all simple and sophisticated changes in the painting one would wish for.

  • Oil on canvas

Kumkum Wallpapers is also successful in depicting the tanjore painting with ‘oil on canvas’ fashion. So, the combinations of oil paint, precious heavy stones and gold foil giving a very splendid combination to the painting.

  • Portrait tanjore painting

With time, not only technology, but arts are also improving. Kumkum Wallpapers crafts the portrait of any given person or things in this world in tanjore painting fashion. This painting is named as contemporary as it depicts their clients taste and requirements.